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Associate Membership Program

Become a DPA Associate Member

Associate Membership Benefits

  1. DPA Newsletters and member communications, including information relating to economic development, maintenance & revitalization, security issues and bylaw enforcement etc.
  2. Your listing on the DPA website.
  3. Opportunity to participate in DPA co-operative marketing and promotional activities under the DPA umbrella.
  4. Inclusion in printing DPA business directories/listings.
  5. Invitation to DPA networking and social events, including the DPA Annual General Meeting in a “non-voting” capacity.

Please note:

  • Associate members shall receive no property improvements, grants or street furniture or fixtures from the BIA.
  • Associate members do not receive board seat privileges and do not qualify to vote on issues.
  • Associate members can be subject to an additional charge on any promotional activities.
  • Associate Membership applications are reviewed by the current DPA Board and Executive Director. The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse Associate Membership to any applicant.

Join the DPA as an Associate Member today to receive the benefits!

Download Application Form

Please email the completed application to