This Week:

  • Electrical Completion in Nanaimo Intersection
  • Curb Removal on East Side of Nanaimo
  • Ramp Installation East & North of Nanaimo
  • Community Market Starting Saturday May 7th 8:30am-3:00pm

Next Week & Coming Weeks:

  • Monday May 9th Concrete Installation Pentagon to Bellevue Café
    • Monday May 9th Concrete Installation Tiger Alley to CIBC
    • Full access will still be available Sunday May 8th

The Grizzly Team will execute removals, forming and pouring all on May 9th
Foot Traffic available through front doors Tuesday May 10th

  • New Tree Installation
    • Paving Brick Installation starting South East of 200 Block
    • Street Light Delivery

New Traffic Changes in the 300 Block of Main St starting mid week Tuesday May 10th/Wednesday May 11th.

  • Traffic Lighting will change to 4-way stop in Wade Intersection
  • Approaching from the 400 Block of Main St local traffic will have access to the left lane only forcing to exit up the right lane exiting right only off of Wade intersection.
  • No large trucks will have access to this block, the back lanes are to be used for delivery trucks
  • The turnaround will commence at the north end of the block looping traffic around.
  • No parking will be available from Mi Amor to Pennyfarthing Gifts & Cards
  • No parking will be available from Without a Doubt to Gold Dust Jewellers

This weekend is the Downtown Penticton Association’s First Community Market of the season. Our market will return in Westminster Intersection with our returning popular food vendors. Colourful Front St will also occupy returning favorites.

The market will continue up in our 300 & 400 Block of Main St, due to construction in the 200 Block.

*Reminder – All delivery trucks are to use back lane access ONLY *

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Shawna Tinga.
P – 250-493-8540