Schedule of Events

09:30 am – Sunrise Zumba – Interactive Zumba Performance
10:00 am – Nankama and Bovenzi Family Drum & Dance
10:35 am – Boundless Belly Dance – Fusion Style Belly Dance
11:05 am – K.A.S.P. – Award Winning Indigenous Hip Hop Artist
11:30 am – Team Xtreme – Cultural Strong-Man Demonstrations
12:05 pm – Dignitaries & Cake Cutting
12:20 pm – Bahiti Belly Dance – Fusion Style Belly Dance
01:00 pm – Brent Tyler – Contemporary Folk Musician
02:15 pm – Her Brothers – Alternative Rock Band (with a message)
04:15 pm – Rumble 100 – Classic Rock Cover Band

Description of Events

Nankama and Bovenzi Family Drum & Dance

IMG_8222Bobby has been a student of ethnic percussion and dance since 1994. He began studying the drum withKhalid Abdul N’Faly Saleem at the SUNY Brockport in upstate New York. “Khalid introduced me to the power of rhythm and it’s ability to unite communities. His philosophies and thoughtful teaching changed my life, and allowed me to explore an artful way to promote understanding, acceptance and appreciation for the arts and their impact on creating a society in harmony.”

Since his early university education, Bobby has shared his passion for drumming with thousands of people, from seniors to toddlers, corporate team building to gymnasiums packed with students and teachers. “I believe everyone has the desire to be creative, whether it be dance, music or other forms of art, and through these mediums each life becomes a positive model for the next, free to express what’s inside without fear or judgement.”

Boundless Belly Dance

FansOne of the most powerful dances is a dance in which you love every step and every note.  At Boundless we work with each individual performer to insure every voice is heard about even the smallest movement.  Our performance classes a are treated as a collaborative environment.  Everyone has a voice and will be heard without judgment or negative criticism.  As a Fusion based troupe, we believe our possibilities within choreography are endless!  When we dance, we dance without limitation.


Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.41.55 AMRob “K.A.S.P” Sawan is well known for engaging audiences while hosting conferences, Workshops, Motivational speaking and Performances, targeting youth about the importance of culture, knowing who you are & respecting yourself. He willingly shares his life story growing up with his father, addiction, foster care, gangs and personal struggles. K.A.S.P also speaks about his theories that have allowed him to surpass all negativity and live a good life; drug, alcohol and smoke free.

He worked his way up from a rough East Van youth rife with alcohol and drug abuse to become a motivational speaker. Through both music and oral narrative, he tackles topics such as learning legal rights, addictions and cyber-safety alongside finding your inner warrior, sharing life stories and building a better future.

Through traditional and spiritual beliefs, with his journey with youth, step programs and personal development, he balances his personal, family, and career life through honesty and commitment. This multi award winner has focused and shifted his music to a whole new level, he shares this with the people to motivate and preserve the quality of life.

Team Xtreme

IMG_8350Team Xtreme use feats of strength and cultural expression to call out the warrior heart in all of us and to overcome the different influences that fight for control over our lives. Some of the physical demonstrations used are: breaking bricks, bending rebar and 12 inch nails, tearing phone books, blowing up hot water bottles, running through 2X4’s, breaking baseball bats, rolling up frying pans and more!

Bahiti Belly Dance

IMG_7656Bahiti encourages positive body image, personal expression through dance, and helps to build self confidence and awareness. Belly dancing is a great, sensual way to tone and strengthen your body in an encouraging and enjoyable environment. We offer classes ranging from brand-new beginner up to advanced specialized techniques. Our styles include egyptian, polynesian, bollywood fusion, and tribal fusion.

Brent Tyler

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.45.55 AMBrent Tyler has an intricate and skillful guitar style combined with a disarming and soulful voice befit of his literal seven-foot stature. He balances the soft subtlety of honest and introspective folk music with catchy and powerful soul-roots hooks and melodies born of his childhood influences and contemporary crushes.

A Calgary, Alberta native, Tyler grew up between two contrasting worlds of sport and music. His physical size made him an obvious choice for the University of Calgary basketball team, but his genuine heart beckoned him down a path of music performance. Self-taught from the age of 9 years old, Tyler’s percussive guitar style was influenced heavily by the likes of James Taylor, Martin Sexton, and Dave Matthews. With a voice that bellows the foundation, yet dynamically delicate and sincere, Tyler’s blend of guitar and voice sounds like a whole band.

Tyler’s giant delivery has evolved from imitative influence into his very own versatile, powerful, and dynamic style, drawing people in with his physical stage presence, story-telling ability, and surprisingly elastic vocal range. Looking to connect the dots with reciprocal energy in his performance, Tyler’s music is lyrically textured with real life. Honesty and love, hope and healing, authenticity and forgiveness.

Her Brothers

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.51.34 AMHer Brothers is a Canadian alternative rock band from Vancouver, BC. The band is made up of brothers Gabe Penner (lead vocals, guitar), Josh Penner (bass guitar), and Levi Penner (drums). Together since 2OO8, they’ve performed a variety of venues and events around the west coast.

Their debut album SHE, blends the melodic hooks of Vampire Weekend, anthemic textures of U2, and influences of Jack White. Thematically the album lives in the tension between reality and hope.

Rumble 100

10985373_10153146010445516_964890628269113654_nIn the short time since its formation, RUMBLE100 has rocketed to the forefront of the Okanagan party scene, accelerated by its high-energy performances and  popular song selections. The band delivers a sing-out-loud brand of rock music intended to captivate the crowd and keep them partying all night long.

RUMBLE100 is a four-piece rock and classic rock cover band encompassing a wide range of song favourites, from AC/DC and the Tragically Hip to Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. Recognized for their cohesive sound and engaging shows, RUMBLE100 has developed a substantial following in both the local bar scene and more upscale private events. The band’s consistently packed shows have caught the attention of local venues from around the region, with invitations coming from namesake venues such as O’flannigans, Whiski Jacks, The Blue Gator, The Mule, Snow Shoe Sam’s, and many more.