This Week

  • Concrete Curb Installation
  • Electrical Trenching Complete
  • Tree Well Installation Continuing
  • Westminster Intersection Continuation

Next Week

  • Water Disruption affecting 200 Block East & Backstreet Blvd (Will confirm Friday
  • April 15th for Monday/Tuesday Disruption)
  • Westminster Intersection Continuation
  • Concrete Curb/Ramp Installation

The Westminster intersection was previously planned to reopen April 17th but now will be extended as the GRIZZLY team found a substantial amount of concealed conditions while installing water services, irrigation and electrical which has caused a minor delay. It’s now scheduled to open April 21st or April 22nd.

Multiple properties were found with more than one water service which meant excavating as many as four services for a single address to determine which of the service pipes fed the actual address. This delayed the installation of the water main through the intersection which was critical to move prior to the new traffic signal bases, curbs, and ramps being installed.

Also while installing the water main we found a significant amount of buried concrete including concrete thrust blocks, old utility pipes, concrete fill used to support utilities at crossing points, chunks of old sidewalk and underground portions of lamp and signal bases which were larger than anticipated. All these items needed to be excavated carefully to determine how best to remove in the event that they were attached to existing services.

There was simply a lot of work to accomplish on the underground utilities and when one critical activity experiences a slowdown it affects all of the other downstream activities.

The GRIZZLY team plans to finish up underground works this week. Concrete curbs and ramps will be poured on Monday April 18th and Tuesday April 19th leaving Wednesday April 20th – Friday April 22nd for the concrete to cure so it’s strong enough to support vehicle traffic again.

We anticipate Westminster intersection access Friday April 22nd.