We are happy to announce that revitalization work on the 200 Block of Main will commence next week! The City’s tender process has now been completed and a contract has been awarded to Grizzly Excavating.

In your package we have included maps of the parking, so you can share and update your customers and staff. We have added “15 min” express parking in 8 spots, 4 on Backstreet Blvd and 4 on Nanaimo Ave. Also the back parking area just off Backstreet Blvd, will be 2 hour FREE parking and you will NOT be required to have a parking ticket. Bylaw will be enforcing in order to maintain cars turning over during this process. This parking is to replace the on street parking you will lose during the construction process.

Throughout the construction of the project, Grizzly Excavating will continue to have pedestrian access to each of your businesses except when they are ripping out the sidewalk directly in front of your doors. You will be given lots of notice before this will happen, so you can make the necessary arrangements to keep your customers coming in.
In order to keep our communication lines open ALL the time; Shawna Tinga has been contracted to be the “on the ground” liaise between the businesses, landowners, DPA, City and Grizzly. If you have any questions or concerns, she will be able to address them and keep us all up to date. Also the DPA and City of Penticton will have updated pictures and information on our websites and social media constantly. Please direct the public to: or or

Shawna can be contacted at 250-493-8540 or

Also as part of our commitment to you and getting the attention to your stores, we have requested your logos to hang on the construction fencing. Some of you were really quick to get us the information needed, if you have not sent your information please do so immediately so we can include your business on the printing. Send directly to Brandon’s attention at

With the project being completed in the middle of June, the local area improvement tax will not commence until the 2017 tax year. With the property owners having the benefit of the improvements for only half of the 2016 year, it is only appropriate that the additional local area improvement taxes commence the year following completion of the works. As previously discussed, you will have the ability to pay your entire contribution upfront; otherwise the contribution will be repaid over the 15 year payback period. Should you wish to pay the entire amount up front, please contact the City to do so by the end of 2016. Once the project has been completed, the City will be in touch to advise of the exact costs applicable to your contribution.

In order to complete the project Grizzly Construction will be working between the hours of 7am-7pm Monday through Saturday to begin the project. We will be meeting weekly, in order to stay on top of the changes and to get the information out to you in a timely fashion.

We thank you for your patience as the process gets underway and support during this exciting project.